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Hi! I'm Alicia, wife and mother of 4 great kids.  I love creating images that are "worth a thousand words" whether it's in the candid moment, or posed portrait.  I hope you enjoy what you see here, because I love sharing it with all of you!

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Thanks for stopping by to see what I've captured recently!  To me a picture really is worth a thousand words, although sometimes, there are no words to express how an image might make you feel! I LOVE photography and preserving memories to last a lifetime. 


Cerva Family {Snow Day Session}

Can you believe it's already February?  This was my first photo session of 2016 - taken back on New Years Day of my own family.  Luckily among all the goof ball shots, I have enough images to fill my living room frames. These are the people I love with all of my heart - TJ, Ian, Aryn, Canyon, and Megan.  (Please don't judge the posing, as most of this was obviously not coached haha!) Oh, and if you want to take the stress out of coordinating outfits, or styling hair for family photos, just tell everyone to put on their snow gear and a beanie hat - and there ya go!


Alexa & Hunter {Engagements}

We started inside because it was snowing.  Then it stopped snowing so we headed outside.  Then it started snowing again, and we just went with it!  Here's another fun engagment session - so happy for you Alexa & Hunter!


Paula & Justin {Engagements}

Just a few short weeks ago I hid in some bushes at the park to capture their proposal!  Now we're back with their engagements!  Congrats again Paula & Justin - you two are a beautiful couple!


Hailee {Winter Session}

Every change in seasons brings with it a new "favorite" season.  I love photographing people all throughout the year and once again, these winter sessions are reminding me how much I love this look. 


Marley & Milly {Snow Fun}

No words...