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Hi! I'm Alicia, wife and mother of 4 great kids.  I love creating images that are "worth a thousand words" whether it's in the candid moment, or posed portrait.  I hope you enjoy what you see here, because I love sharing it with all of you!

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Thanks for stopping by to see what I've captured recently!  To me a picture really is worth a thousand words, although sometimes, there are no words to express how an image might make you feel! I LOVE photography and preserving memories to last a lifetime. 


"It's not there"

After 5 LONG days of wiggling a loose tooth, it finally fell out this morning.  She has cried a thousand tears this week, thanks to a few yanks from her dad, the fact that she was "scared" to loose her tooth, and she hasn't been able to bite down on anything.  But this morning, her smile couldn't have been bigger!  Here are a few of my favorite quotes: "I keep trying to wiggle it but it's not there!"  "Maybe I'll get ten dollars!" "I'm excited to have money, money, money!" "I don't want to go any where today - I look like a DORK with a missing tooth!" "It's a bigger hole than I thought it would be - I
can stick my whole tongue through it!"  What a kid!                                                                                          _DSC0001.jpg_DSC0001%201.jpg




Megan LOVES flowers.  She is constantly pointing them out to me every where we go, reminding me of the simple beauties all around that I simply take for granted.
_DSC0013.jpgDSC_0015.jpg DSC_0023.JPG.jpg








Fun in a 5 gallon bucket!

Every year we buy a cute fun blow up pool, and ever year it pops after the first time we use it!  But hey, who needs a pool when you have a 5 gallon bucket!  Don't look too close at the middle bucket in the 3rd picture.  It looks like we are breaking some serious safety rules!  But hey, I was there the whole time.  I'm sure they don't do this when I'm in the house!!





Graffiti Wall

 I took this picture of Canyon out at the RC track.  He was of course going out to race his car, but when I found this graffiti wall I made him take a few pictures.  I can't get the colors to come through as bright as they are in the original picture, and the sun was casting quite a shadow, so we might have to go back and try it again.








Nicholas Tank Crockett

I took my nephew Nicholas out on a practice photo shoot.  He is turning two next week, and I have definitely forgotten how busy a two year old is.  He loves tools, so once we gave him the sander and a piece of wood, they became a permanent fixture in every picture.





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